VIBRA +3: Continuous and Online Vibration Monitoring

  • Continuous and online vibration monitoring according to a large range of standards such as DIN 4150-2 and -3, BS 5228-2, BS 7385-2, SBR A and B,
    SS 460 48 61, blasting standards SS 460 48 66 and AS 2187.2 and is according to DIN 45669-1:2010.

  • Direct display of measured peak values in X, Y, Z at the project location

  • Real-time interpretation and verification of the vibration levels against ruling codes

  • Downloading data or uploading data without measurement interruption

  • Extended frequency range to 315 Hz

  • Unattended vibration measuring for up to 28 days due to the high-tech, low power consumption electronic design in combination with software intelligence.

  • Wireless automatic data transfer via integrated GPRS/3G

  • Flexible use: direct SMS alarm, e-mail, FTP

  • Real-time data upload to any FTP server

  • Ring memory including ring buffer in FTP mode
  • Additional turnkey online monitoring service via
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  • Direct SMS alarm communication up to 5 selected recipients
    including start/stop functionality
  • Frequency-dependent velocity alarm (smart alarm)
  • Calibration trace visible in PC software
  • ‘Search Networks’ option in the VIBRA+ system. Find the provider
    with the best GPRS connection at the project location
  • Compact, robust field-computer that is very easy to operate.
  • Professional and fast (graphical) presentation of the monitoring results.