RST - Boru Tipi Piyezometre / Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer


RST’s Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer tip consists of a slotted PVC body that encloses and protects a porous plastic filter element. A PVC Riser Pipe (available from RST) is connected to the tip and extended to the surface. A CPVC body is available for leachate extraction.
The Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer is mainly used for measurement of piezometric levels and pore water pressures in soil and rock formations where the time lag and high displacement requirements inherent in standpipes are not crucial, and where the presence of standpipes will not hinder construction. Water elevation in the riser pipe is measured using a Water Level Meter.  


-The flush body design, permits a 33% larger filter area than 0.75 in. externally coupled instruments, while maintaining the same outside diameter.
-A unique two step internal bushing, will accept either 0.5 in. or 0.75 in. riser pipes while the body will accept a 1.0 in. coupling. The same tip, therefore, will fit all three common sizes of risers.
-Optional model for larger 1.5 in. pipe.
-The large number of uniform pores permits high permeability in a short length.
-Smooth and protected filter element resists clogging.
-Uniform 70 micron porosity.
-May be cleaned by back flushing.
-Excellent chemical resistance.
-Low cost, with same day delivery.