DT2011B: Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger


The DT2011B Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger is a low cost, battery powered data logger, designed for reliable, unattended monitoring of a single vibrating wire sensor and thermistor.

It is a purpose built logger ideal for remote locations or instruments that require frequent reliable data recording. It connects to all vibrating wire sensors including piezometerscrack meters and strain gauges; however, the DT2011B Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger will not connect to vibrating wire sensors with auto resonant circuitry.

Vibrating wire sensors have unique advantages in geotechnical applications, as the frequency output of the gauge is immune to external electrical noise, able to tolerate wet wiring without signal degradation, and able to transmit the signal up to 1.6 kilometers without loss. 

Data logger setup and data collection is done using the Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 or a laptop. RST’s Multi-Channel Host Software is also included.

The DT2011B can also be equipped with an optional radio antenna (see photos) to incorporate it into an RSTAR or DT LINK wireless system (see separate brochures). RST’s RSTAR system uses wireless technology to provide automated data acquisition and DT LINK allows wireless collection of data logger data in hard to access areas.

DT2011B: Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger Broşür


Robust construction.

4MB memory.

Battery powered (lithium 'C' or 'D' cell) for remote sites.

-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) operating range.

Compatibility with all VW sensors - excluding those with auto resonant circuitry.

Option for radio antenna for incorporation into an RSTAR system or DT LINK.

100 year memory backup.

Weather resistant NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure.

0.01µs vibrating wire resolution.

16 bit analog/digital converter.