RST - Su Seviye Ölçer / Water Level Meter


For convenient and accurate measurement of elevation of groundwater in boreholes, standpipes and wells, the latest Water Level Meters from RST Instruments showcase an improved set of features over previous models: 
- An ultra-wide conductivity range allows for use in different liquids ranging from pure water to neat cement grout.
- Rugged design for the most adverse conditions.
- A programmable, multi-functional button acts as the control interface.
- Frontal battery compartment needs no tools.
- Auto buzzer and battery level check at start up.
- Auto OFF.
- Thermistor option also available.

RST Water Level Meters employ a high accuracy, NIST traceable, non-stretch, flat tape, permanently marked in 1 mm or 1/100 ft. graduations. Water Level Meter tapes are available with either a polyethylene or Tefzel® coating for corrosive fluids.
The RST Water Level Meter is supplied on a sturdy winding reel complete with a brake and carrying handle. Features include a shrouded stainless steel probe (allows accurate level determinations under cascading water conditions), a graduated LED light scale corresponding to high and low, a buzzer, and sensitivity control as standard. An optional tape guide/datum acts as a reference point and also prevents tape abrasion from the casing edge. The moisture resistant electronics and standard 9V battery are housed in the front for quick and easy access.


Resolution 1 mm or 1/100 ft.
NIST traceable, non-stretch steel tape, Tefzel® or polyethylene coated.
Easy electronics removal/battery replacement (standard 9 V).
7 strand, 24 gauge stainless steel conductors.
13 mm / 0.5 in. O.D. stainless steel probe. (16 mm / 0.625 in. O.D. on dual scale tapes).
Graduated LED light scale corresponding to high and low.
Sensitivity adjustment. Buzzer.
Sensing point at bottom of probe causes negligible water displacement ensuring high accuracy readings.
Tape markings will not fade or wear away.
Optional temperature sensor and readout.