RST - Hydroulic Load Cell / Hidrolik Yük Hücresi


RST Hydraulic Load Cells are constructed from stainless steel. The load is distributed equally over the loading area of the cell by a thick, machined steel distribution plate. The load, when applied to the cell, causes a pressure increase in the hydraulic fluid, and this change in pressure may be measured via a Bourdon Tube Gauge or a variety of electrical transducers.
Two designs are available. An annular cell, and a solid cell for the measurement of compressive force. Both designs are available with the following readout methods: 
1. A Bourdon Tube Gauge. This is the most simple method, but if directly connected requires access or visibility. The gauge can be mounted a short distance away and connected to the cell by a flexible hose.
2. Various types of electrical transducers, allowing for remote readout and data acquisition, are also available.


Simple and reliable hydraulic operation.
Automated data acquisition systems compatible.
Low profile.
Remote readout capability.