QUAKE/W is a powerful finite element software product for modeling earthquake liquefaction and dynamic loading. QUAKE/W determines the motion and excess pore-water pressures that arise due to earthquake shaking, blasts, or sudden impact loads.

  • Dynamic Stress Analysis;QUAKE/W models dynamic stresses arising from earthquake shaking or dynamic point forces from a blast or sudden impact. QUAKE/W simulates the impact of these stresses on earth structures.
  • Earthquake Records; Earthquake time history records can be imported and scaled for a dynamic analysis. Modify the peak acceleration and duration to ensure the values used in the QUAKE/W analysis represent site-specific conditions.
  • Newmark Analysis; The QUAKE/W computed dynamic forces can be used in SLOPE/W to compute yield accelerations and potential permanent deformations for each trial slip surface
  • Excess Pore Pressure; Excess pore-water pressures computed by QUAKE/W together with the initial static pore-water pressures can be used in SLOPE/W to examine the effect of the elevated pore-water pressures on stability.


QUAKE/W offers a comprehensive list of features;

  • Comprehensive dynamic stress strain formulation
  • Estimation routines for typical material properties
  • Comprehensive constitutive model list
  • Simulation of liquefaction potential via collapse surface definition
  • Straightforward import functionality for earthquake records
  • Integration with SLOPE/W for Newmark analysis 
  • Integration with SLOPE/W for modeling effect of excess pore-water pressures
  • Integration with SLOPE/W for modeling liquefaction zones
  • Integration with SEEP/W for modeling dissipation of excess pore-water pressures
  • Integration with SIGMA/W for modeling postearthquake deformation